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ACC motor vehicle levies fall

Driving is about to get cheaper.

From 1 July the average Motor Vehicle levy will fall by 12.5%.  This means petrol will get a little cheaper too.


You pay the Motor Vehicle levy in two different ways:pexels-photo-53760

  • petrol at the pump
  • as part of your vehicle license (rego) fee.

Paying levies on petrol and diesel

Petrol vehicles
If your vehicle runs on petrol, you’ll pay part of your Motor Vehicle levy when you fill up at the pump.  The current petrol levy rate is 6 cents per litre.

Diesel vehicles
You pay your entire Motor Vehicle levy when you register your diesel vehicle.  You won’t pay any other levies when you buy diesel.

Hybrid vehicles
Hybrid vehicles still need some petrol to run.  So the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) classes them as ‘petrol’.  This means you’ll pay your Motor Vehicle levy both at the pump and in your rego.
Hybrid vehicles are more fuel efficient than petrol vehicles.  You won’t pay as much through the petrol levy.

Electric vehicles
Electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) run off an externally charged battery.  ACC clases these as petrol vehicles.


Paying levies on your vehicle rego

The levy on your rego depends on how much risk your vehicle has of causing an injury to yourself or others on the road.

ACC groups together vehicles into classes with similar levels of risk, and each class has a set levy rate.  This includes cars, motorcycles, scooters and heavy vehicles.

To check what your rego will be, plug your licence number into the ACC’s online tool.


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